Honey and the Moon


Everything you ever needed to know about us!

We are Laura and Danny, proud owners of Honey and the Moon! Our awesome little caravan was born in the long hazy Summer of 2018, destined to travel the length and breadth of Yorkshire, bringing amazing coffee and cocktail delights to the good folk of the county.

Since then our homegrown business has taken off in so many ways and we have provided our mobile coffee and cocktail service to weddings, garden parties, festivals, markets and loads more!

To get more information about Honey and the Moon and how you can book us to come to your event, please use the contact details below. We can’t wait to see you!

Laura & Danny
Honey and the Moon

We take our coffee and cocktails very seriously (in a fun way) so we make sure that we are fully qualified and licensed so all our lovely customers can rest assured that their drinks are not only amazing but fully qualified as well.

How cool is that, your very own fully qualified drink!